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the subject is full overview on networking interface service offered by the server known as web service, step by step working with web service implementation as a page which work as a software after the implementation and help to communnication two or more devices or a single user and to protect and maintain security and compatibility of database and we will see how its work over internet using various carrier ie. internet and how to implement using code which is used on webservice ie. java.

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About Web Service Are Open (XML, SOAP, HTTP, etc.) Based Web Application that interact with other web application for the purpose of exchanging of data. Web Service can convert your existing app into web app. Q.1. what are web services ? or describe web services. A.     to summarize a web service a complete web service ,is therefore any service that ​​​​​​​Is available over the internet  or private (intranet) networks --a client server Application service uses a standarized XML messaging system for Exchanging information between devices and application
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