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Aims to help people with disabilities live a better life.

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A Few Things You Should Know About NDIS  In recent years, Australia’s mental health funding and health funding in general has seen big changes like the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). It is a new means for disabled people to gain access to support funding. This program gives its users more say over their support services. Consumers, their families and caregivers all around Australia should know all about the NDIS. Here are some key things you should also know about the program.   1.    People who don’t have any physical disabilities can still benefit from the NDIS. Some mental health issues that are probably permanent will be covered as well. There are support services available on the scheme to meet people’s daily needs and build capacity and skills. With this, people can grow independence, get jobs and participate in their communities. 2.    Since the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a huge change, it rolled out progressively in different parts of Australia. It is supposed to have covered most parts of the country by 2019. 3.    If you are eligible for the NDIS provider scheme, you are not left out if the planning. In the planning session, you have to take your own goals into account and you will select your service providers when the time comes. You can switch service providers anytime and your plan will be revised annually. 4.    In the places where it is already in operation, the National Disability Insurance Scheme works with relevant government bodies to transition people into the scheme. There are different organizations you can talk to about becoming a part of the scheme and help will be made available for you. 5.    The NDIS application process could be daunting, we know. Depending on where you live, you may get help with determining eligibility and creating a plan. Long-standing organizations with experience in this and knowledge about the program will help navigate the procedure to make it simpler and more effective.  6.    If you are a recipient of any disability service support, you will be notified about the scheme as it rolls into your area. Even if you aren’t part of an already existing arrangement, you can apply for and become part of the scheme once it is available in your vicinity. You can’t start planning for the transition early enough. Before the scheme reaches you, beginning to evaluate the current support services you utilize and review a plan of what you will need in addition to that.  7.    The National Disability Insurance Scheme doesn’t substitute conventional health services. Even with the introduction of the scheme, community and clinical mental health services are still in operation. The scheme offers separate services from them.   Summary The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a brilliant program introduced to the Australian mental health scene in recent years. It has provided a better way for disabled people, their families and caregivers to have access to and control over support funds and support services. We hope you have more knowledge about the NDIS after reading this article.
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