SPAN 1101: Beginning Spanish 1 Public

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Unidad 1: La Familia Zachary Ulry – Dr. Elizabeth McCallister – CSCC – July 2018     Los miembros de la Familia los padres los abuelos los tíos padre father abuelo grandfather tío uncle madre mother abuela grandmother tía aunt   los hijos los nietos los sobrinos hijo son nieto grandson sobrino nephew hija daughter nieta granddaughter sobrina niece             los hermanos los suegros un matrimonio hermano brother suegro father-in-law esposo husband hermana sister suegra mother-in-law esposa wife   Defininite Articles In English, the definite article is only one word: “the”.   Masculine Feminine Singular EL LA Plural LOS LAS In Spanish, however, all words that that describe nouns must agree in both gender and number with the noun that they are describing. As a result, there are four different ways to say “the” in the Spanish language.
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