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Pre-Licensing Course, DC

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Unit 1: Land, Real Property, and Real Estate (Lesson 1: Getting the Lay of the Land)       Definitions:       Land: Earth's surface extending downward to the center of the Earth and upward to infinity, including permanently attached natural objects.       Real estate: includes everything in definition of Land, plus all things permanently attached to it naturally or artificially.             Improvements: artificial attachment to Land (ex: fencing, buildings, walkways)       Real property: includes real estate plus the interests, benefits and rights automatically included with real estate ownership.             Possession: the right to occupy the property             Enjoyment: the right to possess the land without harassment or interference             Exclusion: the right to refuse other interests in your property             Control: the right to determine interest in the property for others             Disposition: the right to determine how, when, and if the property to is be sold/transferred       Personal property: everything that is not defined as real property   Unit 1: Land, Real Property, and Real Estate (Lesson 2: Real Property vs. Personal Property)
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