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Learn more about how you can support your volunteers through educational and social activities.

Module Information

In the last module, you have explored different roles and areas of responsibility that you can define and distribute to engage volunteers in a structured way. Some of these roles may require specific training of volunteers or a space to share experiences from time to time. These are two reasons why continuous volunteer development is important. Growth opportunities also keep up volunteer motivation and engagement and help creating a tight knit network of volunteers in your region. Volunteer development can have many shapes and forms, for example a weekend training course (educational) or a picnic for all volunteers in your region (social). While some or even most of the volunteer development events may happen on national level in your organisation at the moment, it is also important to offer activities in your area to create a strong regional network of volunteers. Under the link below (XX), list the activities for volunteer development, both educational and social, that you know are already available to your region’s volunteers.  You will need this work product later.
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