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This course is based around GCSE Crime and Punishment found in Component Group 1 in the exam boards. This course is one of a 4 part series of covering Crime and Punishment c1250 to present, and covers the the period 'Medieval Britain c.1250–c.1500'. Topics include, Anglo-Saxon times, Norman rule in England, Medieval Ages, the Church and Courts. It includes revision notes, slides and diagrams on all the above plus Crime and Punishments quiz and flashcard deck for assessing knowledge.

Module Information

We begin our Course with a look at life in Anglo-Saxon times. This note presents the key points around poverty, famine and warfare in Anglo-Saxon times as covered on the Crime & Punishment course.
Law and Punishment in medieval times was pretty gruesome! This slidedeck takes you through law enforcement, oaths and the types of trials that medieval criminals faced, including trial by hot water or hot iron or trial by cold water.
A useful visual overview using a GoConqr flowchart to illustrate the different types of crime and the punishments that often resulted if found guilty. Its splits out crimes against the person, property and authority.
Use this GCSE history revision note to learn more about Norman Rule in England. The note gives some background and explanation around the feudal system introduced under Norman Rule.
This slideset presents details on the main changes that took place to punishment and law under the Norman rule. Read to learn about changes to the trial system and how to escape the death penalty if found guilty of a serious crime.
View this module to see a visual summary of the main crimes and punishments applicable in Norman times and how they differed from the Anglo-Saxon times.
Crime and punishment in the later Middle Ages involved a deeper role of the government and a more centralised legal system under Henry II. The power of the church in the Middle Ages also increased significantly as shown in this GSCE history revision note
Review This is an opportunity to review the content outlined in the course. The following modules are:  Flashcards - these remind the individual of the key concepts and events that have been presented in the course Quiz - this  presents an opportunity to test your knowledge regarding the content viewed
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Use these flashcards to remind yourself of the key concepts and events presented in this GCSE Crime and Punishment (i). Flashcards are a great tool for learning all that important bite size information you need to know for History.
Test your knowledge on the preceding Course with History Crime and Punishment questions and answers. Help prepare yourself for your exam by making sure you score 100%!