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This course will go in depth, exploring the book of John. Each lesson is broken down by Chapter.

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New Testament III   Bible Book - Topic Summary Hebrews - Milk to Meat James - Faith Gauge 1 Peter - Pain with a Purpose 2 Peter - Poison in the Pew 1 John - Fellowship Barometer 2 John - Bolt the Door 3 John - Open the Door Jude - Fight for the Faith Revelation - Coming Events
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Pauline Epistles Book - Keyword Romans - Paid in Full 1 Corithians - Spanking of the Saints 2 Corithians - Anatomy of an Apostle Galatians - Unshackled Ephesians - Body-Building Philippians - Happily Humble Colossians - Commander-in-Chief   More Pauline Epistles Book - Keyword 1 Thessalonians - Stay on Target 2 Thessalonians - Work While You Wait 1 Timothy - Leadership Manual 2 Timothy - Combat Manual Titus - Conduct Manual Philemon - Bondage to Brotherhood
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The tabernacle, covered with badger skins, was plain on the outside. But the interior was adorned with gold, silver, fine embroidery, and precious stones, for the chabod—the presence, the substance, the glory of God—was to be found inside. The same is true of Jesus. So ordinary looking was He externally that Judas had to identify Him to the Roman soldiers with a kiss. But the presence, the substance, the glory of God dwelt within Him to such a degree that some of it “leaked out” on the Mount of Transfiguration (Matthew 17:2).
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