Natural Hazards GCSE Geography - Part 2 Climate Public

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Welcome to this GCSE Geography revision Course on Natural Hazards Climate. It covers weather hazards and climate change, featuring diagrams and images to aid understanding. The aim of this Course is to present all the relevant material in an engaging manner and test your knowledge at the end.

Module Information

Let us begin with focusing on the wider picture. Global atmospheric circulation contributes to the understanding of the location of the Earth's climatic zones. This study note prepares you for your journey into Climate by explaining how it all works.
So how does this all relate to the UK? We take a wide ranging look at what's happened in the past, what's happening today and the factors that impact this.
This slide deck takes us through the most recent changes in the Earth's geological timeline (a mere 2.6 million years ago until now..). Also included is a short video with a history of Earth's climate.
The causes of climate change can be divided into naturally occurring causes and human causes. This comprehensive study note takes a look at each of the causes in turn and then outlines the effect on the environment today.
The effects of climate change are estimated to grow in the coming decades. There is no way to undo the damage that has already been done to the planet. Instead, there are two options for dealing with climate change; mitigation and adaptation.
There is no let up to the hazards! Learn all about the formation of tropical storms in this illustrated note. It also examines the impact of tropical storms and how this impact can be reduced.
A Drought Mind Map providing a visual display of the main learning points of Droughts. See clearly the causes and effects with this useful topic overview.
Confused with all the terms presented so far in the Course? Don't worry, this set of Climate Flashcards gives an explanation of all the main terms used in this part of your GCSE geography exam. Mark the ones you know to ensure you score 100%.
It's time to see how well you were paying attention. This Natural Hazards Quiz tests your knowledge of all the material that has been presented in this Course. Use this quiz to help you with your GCSE Geography revision.