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Welcome to our Rate of Reaction Chemistry course, designed for all Chemistry students. This revision course will help you prepare for your exams by providing detailed notes, visual aids and assessment tools. If you enjoy this course and find it useful, please share.

Module Information

Course Introduction: Welcome to this Course on Rates of Reaction.
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Our course begins with a collection of useful study notes that provide background information. With illustrations to help explain concepts, learn to use collision theory to explain rate of reaction and discover more about catalysts.
There are 5 factors that affect the rate of reaction. This rate of reaction mind map charts the factors out in a visual manner that will make it easier to remember. With explanations on each factor, this mind map is a fantastic revision aid.

Mind Map

Looking for a clear way to understand the factors that influence rates of reaction. This clear concise mind map helps you understand the factors.
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Follow the steps in this visual chart to conduct a rate of reaction practical. The chart includes details of variants on the original practical that allow you to observe the different factors at play.
This chart illustrates the practical experiment for measuring light transmission through a precipitate. Follow the simple steps to replicate.
Being 100% comfortable with the terms used in this chemistry course is the first step to learning success. We've taken the important terms and put them into flashcards for you. Term on the front, definition on the back. Make sure you know these perfectly!
Test time! The rate of reactions revision quiz checks your level of knowledge of the proceeding material in the course. With multiple choice questions and diagrams to be labelled, you are going to need to know your stuff if you want to achieve 100%!