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Welcome to our Periodic Table study guide. This short, mainly visual course is an engaging way to immerse yourself in the wonders of the periodic table. The flashcard and quiz elements ensure that you know all you need to know before moving on. We also include notes on practicals.

Module Information

Let's get started with a mind map that charts the properties and uses of the Groups 0, 1 and 7 of the periodic table. Mind maps are a useful device for studying chemistry topics, as you can like out the information schematically and link key concepts.
This set of flashcards define the key terms and present fundamental knowledge that should be retained. Mark the flashcards you know by choosing the thumbs up button and see how quickly you can get to 100%.
Think you are a periodic table ninja? Well let's find out. This short interactive quiz tests your knowledge of all things period table. Including questions on properties and equations, it's a useful revision progress guide.
Finally it's time to pop on googles and roll up those sleeves. This note provides simple step by step instructions for 1) identifying alkali metals and 2) identifying halides. Thanks for taking our periodic table revision course, good luck in exams.
Another handy mind map to help understand the main properties of transition metals, as you prepare for your GCSE chemistry exam. Note the clever use of colour coding to help you remember some examples colour.
Pop quiz time! How well were you paying attention to the previous section? This rapid fire transition metals quiz will test your knowledge and establish if you have a good grasp of the fundamentals of the topic ahead of your chemistry exam.