American History 1929-1939: The Great Depression Public

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Causes, consequences and responses to the Great Depression. Until recently, The Great Depression was an equaled economic disaster that helped push the world toward the Second World War.

Module Information

We begin our Course on the The Great Depression by highlighting some of the causes and impacts of the Depression at a high level. This mind map is a perfect starting point giving you a great starting reference point for understanding the main causes
Next we take a look at some of the important terms and personalities that you should know in studying this period. This flashcard deck presents some of the phrases and characters that became some important in this significant era.
We all know that the Great Depression was devastating to some many individuals, families and communities. Here we present some of the impacts more clearly across urban and rural communities and at the economic, social and psychological levels.

Mind Map

The Great Depression had multiple impacts on both the American people and the American economy. This mindmap splits up these impacts into groups to provide a better/clearer understanding.
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Now its time to explore some of the impacts of the depression, with some telling statistics. This great depression study note lists some of impacts such as collapse of businesses, loss of confidence and the extent of the depression.
The WPA was designed to help struggling Americans of the Depression Era. People needed to get back on their feet. The government had to create a situation that helped people to work their way out of poverty.


Flashcards on three F.D.R. Programs created in The Great Depression. The WPA, CWA, TVA.
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Presented here are a number of questions to help you revise your knowledge of the Great Depression. Who was responsible? Who helped turn it around? In these questions are the answers to you need.