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Learn about Cybersecurity threats and measures to keep the workplace secure

Module Information

Welcome to Cybersecurity for Everyone, a short course to demonstrate the importance of cybersecurity and the measures we all can take to ensure a safe and secure workplace. Please watch this short video, and the view the slides in the next module. You will then take a short quiz on cybsersecurity. The remaining optional modules provide sources for additional cybersecurity resources, and an extensive glossary on cybersecurity terminology.
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By taking some basic precautions you can help protect yourself from a cyberattack. In this slideset, we present some of the basics facts about protecting yourself with common sense tips. Learn about phishing techniques and how to protest yourself.
We've presented the information, now it's time to test your knowledge. This cyber security quiz allows you to gauge your level of knowledge around the steps required to minimise the risk of an attack at work or at home. Good luck!


Adapted from the NICCS (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies), US Department of Homeland Security
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Additional Cybersecurity ResourcesTravel Advice (National Cyber Security Alliance)Securing your home network (PC World)Mobile device security (University of Iowa)
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