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Tekst 3, Louis C.K. wasn’t prepared for his Emmy nomination

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  • Havo-examen Engels 2015

    Question 1 of 3


    Deze vragen gaan over het artikel 'Louis C.K. wasn’t prepared for his Emmy nomination' (zie hierboven).
    Vraag 1. “‘I was expecting to be disappointed’” (paragraph 2). Why did Louis C.K. say this?

    Select one of the following:

    • He feared the character in his show had turned out to be an embarrassing person.

    • He knew his show had been given bad reviews in many of the mainstream papers.

    • He realised that the show he had created caused a lot of public indignation.

    • He thought his show would be considered too outspoken to be nominated for an award.

    Question 2 of 3


    What is the main point made in paragraph 3?

    Select one of the following:

    • Despite his problems, Louis C.K. has created a commercial success.

    • Network FX gave Louis C.K. the artistic independence needed to succeed.

    • The average viewer dislikes being told by critics which shows to like.

    • Unlike many of its rivals, network FX is a financially sound company.

    Question 3 of 3


    “C.K. figures he and network FX have already won” (alinea 4).
    In welke zin uit alinea 3 of 4 wordt duidelijk waarom Louis C.K. dit vindt? Citeer de eerste twee woorden van die zin.

    Select one of the following:

    • C.K. attributes

    • It takes

    • In typical

    • I’m pretty

    • But even

    • We don’t

    • Still, that

    • We’ve proven