how to operate a franchise

Business Guide: How To Operate A Franchise Successfully

Franchising is a great approach to scaling a business; when your product or service has already found a successful niche in a market, it’s natural to look for ways to take full advantage and seek to continue your organizational growth. However, delegating your company’s brand management to remotely located franchisees may cause some concerns. Don’t […]

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online franchise training

5 Key Ways to Improve Your Online Franchise Training

One of the common fears of franchising a business is whether you will be able to convey to the different franchisees the values and characteristics that have made your brand a success. John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John’s believes that the key to the success of his company has been that they have tried to […]

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distance education

Teacher’s Guide: How to Offer the Best Distance Education

It’s becoming more common for colleges and graduate schools to offer courses at a distance for students that can’t attend classes in person for logistical reasons. The distance education advantages for students are clear – it allows them to take classes regardless of geographic location, and to manage learning around their busy schedules. Teachers often […]

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5 Vital Steps to Learn Languages for Free

Nowadays knowing different languages is fundamental to distinguish your CV and enhance your job prospects. Though you may not have enough time or economic resources to take a class at a language school, learning languages for free on your own is possible, as long as you surround yourself with the best online resources and know […]

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recruitment resources

Staff assessment: How to improve work performance

In many companies it’s customary to conduct staff assessments on a regular basis to evaluate the skills and performance of their employees. These tests seek to draw two types of conclusions: to learn each worker’s level of knowledge, on the one hand, and to analyse in which areas the company needs carry out more training […]

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What should you do when you fail a subject?

Failing a subject is not to anyone’s liking; failure to accomplish an objective and having to re-study for repeats is frustrating for most students. However, the drama is not as big as many may believe. The reality is that it’s normal to fail a subject, since it’s logical that there are certain topics that cause […]

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How can you be the best math teacher ever?

Maths is one of the most complicated subjects to teach, since the complexity of many formulas and problems can cause boredom on the part of the students. They may feel powerless when they can’t solve an exercise and, consequently, slow the pace and dynamism of the class. So it’s important that you know some techniques […]

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5 keys to making the best staff selection

The staff selection process is fundamental for a company to function properly, since hiring the appropriate personnel for each position is crucial for a cordial and productive office environment. For this reason, it’s advisable not to rush to close an agreement and instead follow a series of guidelines to ensure that the hiring is positive […]

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5 tips for doing excellent oral presentations in class

Like many students, you might find it extremely stressful and overwhelming to make oral presentations in class to the teacher and the rest of your classmates. It is understandable that you don’t feel comfortable having to make a presentation to several people, since you feel that you don’t have enough experience and might feel a […]

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9 out of 10 GoConqr members prefer interactive resources

According to GoConqr’s online learning report, 90% of the resources created on the platform are interactive ones such as flashcards or mind maps, while only 10% of resources are the more traditional ones, such as slides or notes. This data demonstrates the growing popularity of active learning and educational methodologies such as flipped classroom or […]

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