how to increase student participation in class

How to Increase Student Participation in Class

One of the most arduous tasks for any teacher is to improve students motivation towards our subjects. Sometimes lessons can be a bit dense and heavy, so it’s normal for students’ minds to wander. For this reason, we offer some keys to learn how to increase student participation in class in the classroom and to develop their […]

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GoConqr’s Online Learning Report 2017

Today Thursday 23rd of February is Digital Learning Day, so to mark this we are releasing the Online Learning Report 2017 that the GoConqr team has been working on. The report aims to understand the impact of digital tools on teaching and learning.  The full report looks at the behaviour of 2.5 million users in more than 160 […]

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Making Mocks Work: Before, during, and after mock exams.

Visualise – Prepare – Replicate – Stay – Review – Reward – Reset We recently laid out some of the benefits of taking mock or preliminary exams, but knowing they are good for you doesn’t mean you won’t find mocks or prelims intimidating.  We have some tips to make sure you make the most of […]

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Making a Mockery

The Importance of Mock Exams For students dreading the thought of sitting major exams or tests, the prospect of mock exams can be even scarier. Unlike practice tests or past paper revision that students schedule themselves, mock exams are taken under real life exam conditions – strictly timed, without access to revision material, and, it […]

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Do you think you’re better off alone?

8 out of 10 students prefer to study online without company According to the Online Learning Landscape Report based on research conducted by GoConqr, 79% of users who study online prefer to do it on their own, without the collaboration of other people. Surprisingly, given the prevalence of social networks among young people for socialising, […]

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Sticking to your teaching resolutions? There’s an app for that!

Now that we’re half way through the January blues and the festive period is long behind us, it’s a good time to reflect on new year’s resolutions. Did you resolve to be more adventurous with educational technology, or to come up with strategies to engage your students more effectively? Here is a rundown on some […]

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Five ways GoConqr is better than ever

At GoConqr we’re always improving. We are constantly trying to enhance our features and provide new ways for you to create, discover and share great learning content. Learning from almost 3 million members, we use your feedback to strengthen our platform and improve your experience. Sometimes the changes are big, like introducing a whole new tool. […]

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Best in Education and e-Learning

Best in Education and e-Learning – don’t just take our word for it! At GoConqr, we are driven by trying to improve the learning experience for students and teachers worldwide. The ultimate reward is the number of you that use the platform and the positive stories that we hear every day. However now and then […]

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Flowcharts are Here! Find out Everything about GoConqr’s Latest Tool!

At GoConqr we strive to give you the best options for learning. Well now you have even more options as we introduce yet another great free learning tool to the platform: the Flowchart Maker! Each one of our creation tools focus on a particular aspect of learning and flowcharts isn’t any different. Our new tool […]

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business communication culture

How to Foster a Business Communication Culture

Let’s make something clear from the get-go – any company that doesn’t put communication sky-high on it’s list of priorities cannot reasonably expect a tool like GoConqr to fix all its communication woes. That’s because business communication culture depends, first and foremost, on people. So if employees in your company want a collaborative culture instead of […]

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