6 Teaching Techniques You Should Know!

Education, like almost every other area of our society, has evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years. Traditional teaching techniques, based mainly on a teacher explaining a topic and students taking notes, may still be useful on occasion, but education today revolves more around encouraging the student to awaken… Read More

Introducing Private Messaging on ExamTime!

Today we’re delighted to announce the arrival of another great new ExamTime feature – Private Messaging! We work very closely with our ExamTime users to gather insights into how you use our free online learning resource. Listening to your feedback is key to creating a comprehensive learning platform. Recently you’ve… Read More

Entering Maths Symbols and Equations with LaTeX

Entering LaTeX Maths Symbols

Today we’ve introduced LaTeX math symbols. This is a way to write complex maths symbols and equations in ExamTime. Using LaTeX math symbols is perfect for everyone studying maths, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering and many other science based subjects. You can enter symbols such as powers,… Read More