How to Get the Most Out of Your Learning Style

People have been trying to figure out the best way to learn for centuries and there have been numerous ideas and theories over the years. For example, the ancient Greeks thought that the God Hermes gave each person their allotted amount of intelligence and that one’s intelligence was essentially an… Read More

Collaboration in the Internet Era

OK, so it is fair to say that some people work better together, Ben & Jerry, the Wright brothers and Jobs & Wozniak are famous examples of collaborations that have gone on to change the face of the ice cream, aviation, and technology industries respectively. The same is true of… Read More

How to Avoid the Worst Academic Ain

Every third level student is told from the first day they enter college that plagiarism is the most serious academic sin. Gaining credit for someone else’s words and thoughts is taken so seriously by some universities and colleges that any student found guilty of plagiarism, can immediately fail the year… Read More

Student debt for a degree, is it worth it?

Last year the government agreed to raise tuition fees, which saw fees rise from on average £3,000 a year starting in 2011 to on average £7,500 in 2012. The Guardian UK covered this with the main points:
  • Universities have submitted their 2011 tuition fees plans and it has emerged that
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