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Ace The Praxis Test With These Handy Tips

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Used in over 40 of the states, there is no avoiding the Praxis if you have aspirations of becoming a teacher. The Praxis exam is a series of standardized tests administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Any student hoping to enter the teaching profession must pass the Praxis in order to begin their career. GoConqr are experts in test preparation and exam know-how. Below we have put together 5 key points we believe are fundamental to you passing the Praxis Test.

Know the Praxis test before you sit it

This should be a tactic not just in the Praxis Test Prep but in every test going forward for you. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Knowing everything before attempting something makes the entire process far easier don’t you agree? If you know an exam inside out, all you need worry about on test day is getting that information down on paper. For the Praxis, get familiar with not just the test topics, but with the finer details of each section. This includes, time allocation, the type of question being asked and the scoring method.

Gather Praxis Test Prep Material From Others

Technology in education and its advancement means that today’s student has a wealth of information right at their fingertips. Praxis Test Prep material can be found all over the internet. However, like anything that’s free, make sure that what you are consuming is good quality. Thankfully, GoConqr users are just like you. They are teachers, students, tutors and lecturers and therefore their notes can be trusted. A simple search for ‘Praxis Test Prep’ on GoConqr yielded these results. But don’t simply rely on others. Start creating your own online notes.

Develop a Praxis Study Plan

When sitting any test, the benefits of having a well laid out study planner are impossible to ignore. The key to overcoming these tests as we’ve mentioned is preparation. Creating a Praxis Study Planner will help relieve some of the stress around exam time. This peace of mind will keep you in a relaxed frame of mind as the test date approaches. Study planners have a list of benefits that include, keeping you focused, delivering a sense of accomplishment when a task is completed and more. Start creating yours today with GoConqr.

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Separate Each of Your Sections

The Praxis Test is different from other postgraduate tests in that students are permitted to take each of the different exam sections separately. Anyone who we have spoken to who has taken the Praxis recommends taking the sections on different days. This will allow you to focus your efforts on one topic at a time. Preparing and taking the Praxis Test in this format increases your chances of doing well. However, it may mean stretching the process out over a longer period of time than you expected. If you are in a position to do this, we recommend giving it a go as the rewards are greater.


Perfect Time Management

Following on from separating your sections, you now need to work on time allocation. It is no use studying your Praxis Test Prep material in large volumes and just assuming on the day of the test it will all fall into place. They say practice makes perfect and that goes for test day too. If you study with a loose time system, what makes you think that on the day of the test you will be able to successfully navigate your sections? Set aside specific times for each section of the Praxis. These can be based on your strengths versus weaknesses or indeed using any format that suits you. Stick to this method of studying, practice ‘dry runs’ of the test and when the big day arrives, handle it meticulously.

If you believe that any of these tips are helpful, share them with friends, then set up a free account with GoConqr and start creating your online Praxis study planner today.

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