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Your Journey to Study GCSE 2017

Revising for your GCSEs is always a stressful time in every person’s life. So, anything you can do to make your life easier as you prepare for your exams is invaluable! With GoConqr you’ve found just that!

We offer unique tools to help you create study resources that will help you study GCSE 2017. You can then keep track of what you’ve studied and what you still need to achieve with our goal setting tool.

Best of all is that when you study, you are not alone! You can share your resources with your friends so when we say your GCSE revision has gotten easier we mean it!

Our Mind Map tool is perfect for revising for GCSE English, GCSE History and other foreign languages as you can outline and plan essays, dissect novels, plays and poetry to enable an in-depth analysis. It’s also perfect for brainstorming ideas, whether alone or with friends!

Our Flashcard feature is great for memorising. So it’s perfect for Maths GCSE revision and for revising for science as you can memorise formulas and equations. Our quiz feature is ideal for all GCSE subjects as it allows you to test yourself and your friends and what you’ve already revised. Our unique blend of tools enables you to prepare and revise for your GCSEs in confidence.

So sign up for free now and learn how to study your GCSE 2017 with confidence!

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