Choosing Your MCAT Test Date & Time

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Choosing Your MCAT Test Date & Time

One of the most important steps in preparing for an MCAT is choosing a date. This will help you save money by availing of lower registration fees and will also allow you to allocate your study time effectively. It is generally recommended that you allow at least 4 months to prepare for the exam. The list below tells you the MCAT test dates for 2016, and the corresponding date you could expect to receive your MCAT results.

It is vital that you check with the AAMC that the date you want is available at a testing center that is convenient to you, as not all locations test on every date. You can register here.

2016 Testing Year

MCAT Test Date MCAT Score Release
January 22 February 23
January 23 February 23
April 1 May 3
April 23 May 24
May 6 June 7
May 14 June 14
May 20 June 21
June 2 July 6
June 18 July 19
July 8 August 9
July 9 August 9
July 22 August 23
August 4 September 7
August 5 September 7
August 19 September 20
August 20 September 20
August 25 September 27
September 1 October 4
September 9 October 12
September 10 October 12


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