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USPS Exam Preparation - How To Succeed On Your 473 Exam

Getting ready to take your USPS exam can be nerve wrecking. Yeah, the coding part is open-book, but what if you can’t find it all within the time limit?

Time to start studying!

Online study tools are a sure way to maximize your study time and achieve success on your postal service exam. Create your own Quizzes using ExamTime’s quizzes tool, and time yourself so you can get used to the minute-limits. Memorize some of those address codes easily using ExamTime’s Flashcards, and don’t worry about taking too much time doing so on the exam. The USPS Exam is nothing to worry about, as long as you prepare both mentally and physically.

Tips For Success

There are many things you can do to prepare for your USPS exam. First, make sure you understand the layout of the exam, and what is being expected of you. Next, get a study schedule together, and get started! Here are some ways ExamTime can help you prepare for your exam:

  • You can create a Mind Map here like the one shown above and outline all the information you need to know.
  • Creating Flashcards is an easy way to quickly retain information regarding address codes, or postal vocab you might see on the exam.
  • Our Study Planner tool helps you keep you study times straight, so that you can stay on top of studying, and be well prepared.
  • Quizzes are perfect for going through example questions, so that you can practice looking for the little details in questions.

Another good thing about ExamTime is that all of your resources are available on your smart phone, tablet, and laptop, so that you can easily study on the go, wherever you are. Get started creating resources to help you study here.

Start Preparing Now

Whether you and your study buddy want to create Quizzes for one another, or you just need some quick Flashcards to remember basics, you can use ExamTime’s online study tools to help you out. Whatever your study needs are before your USPS exam, ExamTime has you covered.

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