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students studying togetherAre you starting to feel the pressure of your pending VCE exams? They are the first set of significant exams which will impact your future so it’s normal to feel stressed out. It’s a daunting experience but there is a way to break down the mental blocks so you can focus on studying. ExamTime can help you understand which study methods work for YOU, setting you on the right track to success!

Many people don’t realise that you can develop an effective set of study skills. Here at ExamTime, you and your study is our priority. We understand the best ways VCE students study and have created our learning tools to help you get the that extra edge for your exams.

ExamTime is designed to reboot your study engines with tools that can:

  • Boost your study motivation with ‘active’ learning methods
  • Improve your productivity and understanding of study material
  • Help you manage your time better with a personal study timetable
  • Lighten your workload and stress by interacting with other students

If this is your first time coming across us, why not check out what euronews, The Guardian and Student Beans have to say about us! Don’t hesitate, achieve your VCE study goals by kick-starting your study regime with our free study tools here:

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VCE Study Tools

CPA-TimetableWorking towards your VCE exams is a tough time and one of the most important things while studying is time management. This may seem like an almost impossible task right now. How can you work on assignments, study for exams and still do the things you want such as hanging out with your friends or playing sport?

Something which can be quite difficult, is organising your notes efficiently. There are a lot of pitfalls you can fall into; you may be spending too much time on one area or trying to memorise reams and reams of information but missing key points.

Our study tools have been created for your benefit to enhance your study  productivity.  Start  managing your time better with interactive study notes which will give you confidence when you walk into the exam hall. Don’t waste anymore of your precious time and sign up now for free.

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VCE Learning Resources

ExamTime not only gives you unbelievable study enhancing tools for free, but we also help you avoid last minute cramming with foolproof study tips and advice. We want to help you give yourself the best chance at achieving your dream grades. Take a look at these sample VCE study resources below:

It’s time to stop feeling worried and let ExamTime get you on the right path to VCE success! Improve your learning here:

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