How Do I Create a Quiz?

Click on the 'create' option and you’ll be brought straight to a new quiz screen. A Quiz is a series of questions. As such, when making a quiz, you’ll be asked to create questions which will become a part of your Quiz.


You can choose a variety of question types, as shown on the right, including options to fill in the blanks, and to label images.

You can use different question types in the same quiz. Each question type allows you to ask a question, provide multiple possible answers, and to provide an explanation of why the correct answer is correct, when viewing the answers at the end of the quiz.


Quiz Settings


Before your start adding your questions, select your preferred quiz settings.

You can chose to randomise the question order, whether you want users to be able to see the correct answers during and /or at the end of the quiz.

You can set a limit on the overall quiz time, or a limit per question. And you can chose a default score (usually 1).

You will have further opportunities to customise individual questions.

You can add images to questions and to answers. You can change the default score for an individual question using the settings cog on the question.

Quiz Results

At the end of taking a quiz you can view your results. You can review all your answers, or just the incorrect ones (provided the person who created the quiz allows this).


The quizzes also allow you to track your performance with a certain quiz over time.

Click on "View Performance Stats" to view a chart with your progress or "Global Attempts" to see how your performance compares to that of other users.




You can share, copy, print and edit quizzes in the same way as other GoConqr resources, by clicking the actions icon.     actions

You can view a quiz example here