How Do I Create a Slide Set?

The button to create resources is located in the left-hand side of the top menu on GoConqr. Click on it and select the Slide Set option. You’ll then be brought straight to a blank Slide deck. Click to insert a slide and you can choose from a variety of templates.


Choose the template that suits you best - we have  combinations that include media (images, video, audio), text, and other GoConqr resources.



You can choose a theme to alter the colour and design of the Slide Set.




Once you have entered content into the Slides, you will see formatting options, including font size, bullet points, and alignment. Hovering over these buttons will explain what they do.



You can share, copy, print and edit flowcharts in the same way as other GoConqr resources, by clicking the actions icon.     actions


You can view an example of a Slide Set here.