How do I get Started with SmartLinks?

SmartLinks makes it easy to send learning content including Courses and Quizzes via a secure email link. You must have a SmartShare plan to access SmartLinks.

To access your SmartLink Management area, click on SmartLinks on the Left Hand Side of the page, or on the dropdown menu under your name at the top of the page.

In order to create a SmartLink, you will need to have some content to share: Quizzes, Courses, Flashcards, Notes, Flowcharts, Slides and Mind Maps are easy to create using GoConqr’s tools.

When you access the SmartLink area you will see what items are currently active (receiving submissions) on your plan. You can activate and deactivate items here, and keep track of your remaining submissions quota.

In the SmartLink management area,  you can:

  1. Manage Share Lists: Add or edit lists of users, upload email addresses individually or upload via csv file
  2. Create new SmartLinks: Choose to create a Resource or Course SmartLink – you will see all the content available for you to send (you can only SmartLink content you have authored). Select the content, then select the list you want to share it with. You can add a custom message to include in the email if you wish.
  3. View previous Shares: Clicking an item will show you the lists shared with, summary data about performance, and a piechart you can click to access full reports.
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