How is my Media quota determined and what happens when I reach it?

The quota for a Basic GoConqr account is 50MB. This is usually sufficient for most people who wish to use images.

If you use a lot of video, you may need to upgrade your account to a Premium Creator account, which gives you an additional 1GB of media storage.

To become a Premium Creator today, upgrade here via our plans page.

Storage allocation is based on the size of the file when uploaded to GoConqr. Your media library will indicate how much space you are using and how much space is available, as well as how much space each media item takes up.

Video embeds do not contribute to your quota as these are hosted on third party sites and do not use storage space on GoConqr.

If you do not wish to upgrade your account, you may delete media from the library to free up space.

If you are part of an organization and require additional storage space, please contact our sales team to discuss Campus storage options.