What is a data capture form?

A data capture form is a form that you add to a quiz or course to enable you to collect information and track progress of users via a SmartEmbed.

Simply select to add a data capture form when editing a quiz or course. Note that you will only be able to add one form to each quiz or course.

When you add your form you include a description that respondents will see (describe why you would like them to fill in a form).

Then you have a number of response type options that you can choose from to collect your user information:

  • Short text: Ideal for short information such as name, job title
  • Email: selecting this will verify that respondents give a correctly formatted email address
  • Date: allows users to select date from a calendar
  • Text paragraph: allows the user to input a short paragraph response to your prompt
  • Multiple Choice Dropdown: you can specify responses for your respondents to choose from.
  • Multiple Choice Checkbox: you can specify responses and allow respondents to select more than one.

You can chose to make any question mandatory. One field must be mandatory so that we can report against this (usually name, or email address).

You can include a link if you need to refer respondents to additional information or terms, and use a checkbox response type to confirm agreement.

You can change where the form appears in your quiz or course by moving it in the left hand side bar. Note that the form will only be displayed when the content is displayed through a SmartEmbed link.