What is my Seller Profile?

Your Seller Profile is a public profile that you construct to promote your content on the GoConqr Marketplace. This should contain relevant information about you that any potential purchaser on the Marketplace can see before making a purchase.

The Seller Profile is an opportunity for you to showcase your credentials on the areas you create Courses for. It’s your chance to convince purchasers that you have the expertise and knowledge to create material worth purchasing.

Therefore it is worth putting the effort into highlighting your credentials and giving a good impression.

Once you have a Premium Creator account, you can access your Seller Profile by clicking on:

  • “Marketplace Shop” on the left hand side menu on the home page
  • “Marketplace Shop” on the main drop down header menu
  • In a Course when you choose “Options” and “Sell”

For an example of a full Seller Profile, see here.