How do I create a Product Listing?

Your Product listing will provide an overview for each potential customer to learn more about your Course. In the Product Listing page you will be asked to add:

Title: Name of your Course

Description: Give a full description of what the learner will gain from taking the course. Include who the Course is targeted to, the scope of the Course, the topics covered and what the learner will know by the end of the Course.

Tags: Tags help categorise your content on the marketplace, ensuring that your Courses are presented to the most relevant audience. It’s important to add relevant tags at this point to help your Course be visible.

Images: You should add relevant images to your product listing that gives members a good indication of the Course content.

Duration: This denotes how long the Course will be available to the purchaser. You have the option to put 3 different duration periods. It would be expected to price a longer duration period at a higher price.

Amount: This is where you set your price for your Course. Please note that the amount will be in cents/pence. So if you want to charge $5.99 for your Course, you’ll need to enter 599 in the amount field.

Once you have created your product listing the last step is to “Publish” the course to the Marketplace. At this point your Course is available for other GoConqr members to purchase.