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DRIVE, RIDE, FLY, SAIL or PILOT? Which verb should we use if you are controlling the vehicle or a mean of transport?
Bicycle (binary/octet-stream) Ride a bike/bicycle
Sin Título 19 (binary/octet-stream) Ride a motorbike & Drive a motorbike
Sin Título 10 (binary/octet-stream) Drive a car
Lorry (binary/octet-stream) Drive a lorry
Sin Título 7 (binary/octet-stream) Drive a bus
Sin Título 27 (binary/octet-stream) Fly a plane We can also say pilot a plane
Sin Título 13 (binary/octet-stream) Sail a boat We can also say pilot a boat
Helicopter (binary/octet-stream) Fly or pilot a helicopter
Horse Riding (binary/octet-stream) Ride a horse
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