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Look at the picture and flip the card to see the word

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This side shows the picture. This side shows the word.
Beach (binary/octet-stream) beach
Park (binary/octet-stream) park
Football (binary/octet-stream) football stadium
University (binary/octet-stream) university
Undergroud (binary/octet-stream) underground train station
Library (binary/octet-stream) library
Cinema (binary/octet-stream) cinema
Car Park (binary/octet-stream) car park
Hospital (binary/octet-stream) hospital
Factories (binary/octet-stream) factory
Train Station (binary/octet-stream) train station
Bus Stop (binary/octet-stream) bus stop
Bookshop (binary/octet-stream) bookshop
Department Store (binary/octet-stream) BritEng: shopping centre AmEng: shopping center
Museum (binary/octet-stream) museum
Restaurant (binary/octet-stream) restaurant
Block Of Flats (binary/octet-stream) block of flats
Petshop (binary/octet-stream) pet shop
Fire Station (binary/octet-stream) fire station
Petrol Station (binary/octet-stream) petrol station
Go To The Gym (binary/octet-stream) gym
Castle (binary/octet-stream) castle
Golf (binary/octet-stream) golf course
Florist's (binary/octet-stream) florist
Market+By+Thomas+Le (binary/octet-stream) Market image by Thomas Le
Zoo+Theresa+Turner (binary/octet-stream) Zoo Image by Theresa Turner
Police+Station+John+Cameron (binary/octet-stream) Police station Image by John Cameron
Butchery+Natalie+Ng (binary/octet-stream) Butchery Image by Nathalie Ng
Bakery+B Y+Miti (binary/octet-stream) Bakery Image by Miti
Supermarket+Hanson+Lu (binary/octet-stream) supermarket Image by Hanson Lu
Clothes+Shop+Thomas+Vogel (binary/octet-stream) clothes shop image by Thomas Vogel
Bank+By+Museums+Victoria (binary/octet-stream) bank image by Museums Victoria
Church+By+Karl+Fredrickson (binary/octet-stream) Church Image by Karl Fredrickson
Mosque+By+Hameed+Ullah (binary/octet-stream) mosque image by Hameed Ullah
School+By+Jerry+Wang (binary/octet-stream) school image by Jerry Wang
Harbour+Julien+Widmier (binary/octet-stream) harbour image by Julien Widmer
Airport+By+Ken+Yam (binary/octet-stream) airport image by Ken Yam
That was a lot of vocabulary! I think it's enough for now :-)
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