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GCSE English Literature Revision

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How to Find Great English Lit Content

GoConqr is a learning platform that enables you to create, discover and share great learning material.

We have hundreds of great GCSE English Lit resources to help you get prepped for the exams.

To find help simply visit GoConqr and either:

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Revision Resources in Various Formats

The beauty of GoConqr is that we have different resources types depending on your needs. Mind Maps and Flowcharts for mapping out concepts. Notes and Slides for providing information, detail and analysis. Flashcards and Quizzes for bite size learning and assessment.

How a look at some sample Romeo and Juliet revision material below to experience the full array of options:

GCSE English Lit

Students: Create your own GCSE material

Our GoConqr student members find it easy to create English Lit revision material that will make comprehension easier and more fun. By creating your own versions of study notes online, you are challenging yourself to explain plots, themes and styles in the best possible manner.

Our specifically designed tools are simple to use. Within minutes you will be creating great material that will always be available online. You can even share with your friends and see who makes the best content!

To learn more about using GoConqr for learning English, see our guide here.

Teachers: Engagement in and out of the Classroom

There are a number of ways that GoConqr can benefit you and your students.

Firstly, you can easily share great content with your students. GoConqr Courses and Resources can be linked to from your web page or emailed directly to your students. You can use the examples shown on this page or create your own English revision material on GoConqr for free to meet your specific needs.

Secondly you could use GoConqr in the classroom as a way of getting your students engaged in a play, novel or poem. Ask students to make their own Courses like the examples we have provided. With GoConqr Courses you can see full attribution of each of the resources in a Course, so you can reward students accordingly.

Day of the GCSEs

Nineteenth Century Novel and Modern British Fiction

Below, you can browse through some of the resources already created on GoConqr by other GCSE users. If there are any titles that they have missed, why not add them yourself?

Shakespeare and Modern Drama

Use the resources below that other GCSE students have created to prepare for your exam. Feel free to help other students in the same way by creating resources for topics that may be missing.



The selection of Poems that you will study depends on the exam board.  Everyone must study a selection of poetry since 1789 including at least 15 poems by at least 5 poets.

Themes for poetry anthologies include:

  • Love and Relationships
  • Youth and Age
  • Power and Conflict
  • Time and Place

Students should use GoConqr to create revision notes, mind maps and flashcards to ensure that they understand themes and remember the key quotes.

Top GCSE Revision Courses

So the message should be loud and clear at this stage. GoConqr can help students understand material and prepare for GCSE exams in an engaging and effective way.

GCSE English Literature Courses:

GCSE History Courses




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