GCSE Maths Test: Are you Ready for the Exam?

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GCSE Maths Test

The GCSE Maths exam is on the horizon so let’s to see if you’re ready.

Most students have a clear relationship with Maths; they either hate it or they love it. It’s one of those subjects you have to deal with even if you’re part of the latter group. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Below we outline a quick quiz based on GCSE Maths Questions from past papers as well as some sample revision resources created using our learning site, GoConqr.

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GCSE Maths Test
GCSE Maths Test

1. Algebra & Number:

To be able to get a high result in GCSE maths, you need to have a thorough understanding of Algebra.

This topic feeds into every other area of the course in one way or another. Once you figure out the basis of how algebra works, there really is no stopping you! If you think you’re ready to conquer Algebra & Number in the exam this summer, take this quiz to prove it:

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Did you get below 80%? Brush up on your algebraic knowledge with these sample revision resources:

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2. Geometry & Measures:

Here’s where the GCSE maths questions start to get a bit tougher. The geometry and measures section tests your ability to solve equations using an array of formulas and functions. Throw yourself into this topic as there is a lot to cover between the formulas, transformations and vectors plus using trigonometry to solve for x.

Test your geometry skills with this quick quiz:

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Want to practice more geometry questions? Here’s some bonus revision resources you can use to boost your grade up a notch:

More Geometry & Measures Resources

Day of the GCSEs
GCSE Maths Test

3. Statistics & Probability

Be prepared to face tables and other forms of data representation. Statistics isn’t just about percentages and averages, you will need to be able to interpret information in mathematical terms. For probability questions in your GCSE maths exam, you will need to calculate how likely it is that an event occurs plus make sure that you’re ready to fill out a tree diagram on the paper.

Try this quiz to start practicing some questions:

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Not happy with your score? Click below to take a look at more revision resources and become a statistics & probability expert:

More Statistics & Probability Resources

4. Ratio, Proportion & Measures

OK if you’ve passed the first 3 quizzes with flying colours then it’s time to get stuck into the advanced part of GCSE Maths. We strongly advise that you are comfortable with the other topics before revising ratios as it pulls on theory you would have learned earlier in the course. The questions from each topic will all be mixed up on the paper so you will need to decipher the best approach. Take this quiz to see if you are 100% ready for the GCSE maths exam:

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Don’t stop there! Keep your revision flowing with these resources for further learning:

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GCSE Maths Test

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