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Find out about online recruitment tools that will help make the staff selection process quick and effective.

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Recommended recruitment tools

The human resources task is fundamental for the proper functioning of a business, since it chooses who will form the workforce of the company. Finding the right candidate for each position is a difficult task, so we recommend the following online recruitment tools to help you in this process:

Tests: During the first stage of the recruitment process you can use GoConqr Quizzes to evaluate the knowledge, skills and personality of all candidates to ensure that they fit the profile you’re looking for. You can include questions both to test the knowledge of the candidates, and to understand the potential hire better and how they might fit in your company’s culture.

Online courses: The hiring process is a two way street. As part of the recruitment process, you can send the candidates personalized online courses explaining the company’s history, current organisation structure and development plans, including the place of the role that they have applied for. This will allow the candidate to have a better sense of whether this position fits what they are looking for.

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Smart Links: Get Results Instantly

Efficiency is the key for a productive recruitment process; the faster you have the candidates’ results, the more time you’ll have to evaluate their competencies and choose the best fit. There is nothing more frustrating – both for the candidates and for the company – than a selection process that goes on for weeks.

GoConqr’s Smart Links allow you to instantly send online tests to candidates, so they can complete them through an electronic device from anywhere. You’ll be able to instantly access the results they obtain as reports are updated when a candidate views or completes a quiz.

It’s a simple and effective method to avoid wasting time during the early stages of the process and enable you to select the best candidates in a few days. Time is precious… especially if we’re talking about an important position for the company.

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Recruitment process tips

Online recruitment tools make the selection process, but it they are just one part of the process. There are a few points you need to bear in mind, both before and after using an online testing tool as part of your recruitment process:

Define the job profile: Before publishing your job ad or preparing online tests, you must define clearly and precisely the main skills and experience of your ideal candidate. The better you define the profile you’re looking for, the more easily you’ll be able to select from the different types of candidates.

Check references: Unfortunately, people often lie on CVs or exaggerate their work experience. Checking references from prior employers – either by phone or a company email address – is an important step to verify seemingly qualified applicants.

Make the candidate feel comfortable: for a job interview, in addition to preparing questions that help you identify the candidate’s strengths, it is important to create a suitable climate so that they can answer your questions with confidence. You should be candid and friendly with the candidate, to ensure they demonstrate their skills to the best of their ability – if they are overcome with nerves you might lose the opportunity to see the full potential of an otherwise suitable candidate.

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