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Popular Courses – Chemistry


Acids & Bases

-The PH scale distinguishes acids from bases. This course investigates the properties of acids and alkalines with relevant examples.

Air Quality

-A mostly invisible blanket surrounds the Earth, a delicate ether that makes life possible. Learn more about our Air in this course.

Atoms (Introduction to ) – Chemistry Study Guide

-This course gives a basic guide to the basic building blocks of matter and is ideal for chemistry students.

GCSE Chemistry 

-This course describes information relevant to the GCSE chemistry examination. Atomic structure, bonding, and states of matter are among the topics covered here.

Limestone and Building Materials

-Limestone is an important rock that provides the basis for building materials such as cement and concrete.

Metals and Their Uses

-Many metals are found in the Earth. Some are alloys created by those above the earth. Metals have many practical uses.

Organic Chemistry

-Organic chemistry is a broad topic covering- Crude Oil, Alkanes, Fractional Distillation, Combustion, Polymers and Acid Rain – among others.

Changing Earth and Atmosphere

-Below and above the surface of the Earth, myriad forces are at work to create the environment we call home.

Bonding and Structure

-Bonding can be Ionic or Covalent. Practical uses include Shape Memory Polymers and other Nano-Sciences.

Atoms, Analysis and Quantitative Chemistry

-This course looks at methods to calculate Atomic Mass & Molecular Mass, Compound Formula and Reactant Mass.

Rate of Reaction

-Chemical reactions may be affected by a number of factors including temperature, pressure, concentration, among others.

Energy Changes

-Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions. Calorimetry and other methods of measurement.


-What are the reactions that occur during electrolysis? Production, Reduction and Oxidation to name a few.

Periodic Table

-The periodic table is divided into groups. Many elements share commonalities, yet retain their distinctiveness.


-Simply put, Water is incredibly useful. This course looks at the processes water takes before it reaches your home.



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