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Regents Subjects

So the New York Regents is on the cards for you this year? That means you need to become competent in areas like, Presidential Actions and Decisions, Diversity, Atomic Concepts, Genetics, the Human Body, Earthquakes and more. Flustered? Don’t be. In this section we are going to briefly breakdown each subject for you and what to expect. We will also show you just some examples of the great resources users have created on ExamTime to help them with their Regents Subjects.

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Regents Subjects


English Regents is definitely one of the more material heavy subjects. The exam will assess students in reading, understanding vocabulary, developing writing skills and identifying themes and plot lines. Those areas include:

  • Comprehensive English
    • Listening
    • Reading & Writing for information
    • Reading & Writing for Response
    • Reading & Writing for analysis
  • English Language Arts
    • Reading Comprehension A, B and C
    • Argument
    • Text-Analysis Response
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The Math Regents examination is broken down into the following areas:

  • Algebra I (Common Core
  • Integrated Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Needless to say each of these topics have a whole lot of their own sub-topics so why not check out our Math Regents Page and get an idea of what areas you are going to have to tackle. Have a look at the example below of how ExamTime can help you prepare:

[quiz href=”″” info=”Quiz”]Integrated Algebra Regents Review Questions (with Explanations)[/quiz]
Regents Subjects
Regents Subjects


The Science Regents exam is one that you either love or loath. Packed full of symbols, apparatus, formulas, this exam will really test your memory cells. But don’t panic yet, we have a suite of tools that can help you plan, prepare, memorize and practice your way to success. Before that, here is a run-down of the areas you must know:

  • Earth Science/The Physical Setting
  • Biology/The Living Environment
  • Chemistry/The Physical Setting
  • Physics/The Physical Setting

For an even more comprehensive look at what you need to know, visit our Science Regents section where we have some great examples of resources already created by Regents students like you. Here’s a sample below:

[quiz href=”″” info=”Quiz”]Living Environment Quiz[/quiz]

Social Studies

Social Studies, while equally as informative as Science, Math and English, still contains a large amount of course material for you to get around. These areas include:

  • Global History and Geography
  • United States History and Government

But more specifically, Imperialism, Interdependence, Conflict and Economic Systems to name only a fraction of the topics. For a full breakdown, you will need to visit our Social Studies Regents section where we have heaps of great resources and a full list of the topics you need to cover. Here is a sample resource below:

[note href=”″” info=”Note”]Global History Regents Review Notes (Europe)[/note] Sign Up to get started
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