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Maths Regents

If you’re one of the many students that struggles with Math Regents, (yes that’s right, you’re not alone), this section will help you understand how to apply your knowledge in the exam and use our tools to really help you gain insight into a subject that troubles many.

In this section we will outline the structure of the subject, show you some useful study resources that other users have already created and give you the best revision and exam tips to get you through.

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Math Regents

Math Regents Subject Overview

The Math Regents examination will be broken down into the following areas for you to tackle:

  • Algebra I (Common Core
  • Integrated Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Keep reading through this section to gain an understanding of what to expect in the exam, what you need to know and to discover lots of useful resources right here on ExamTime.

Algebra 1

Algebra is usually the first topic to be covered in Mathematics as it provides the backbone of understanding for much of the other areas you will cover. The main areas you will need to work on are:

  • Number Theory
  • Operations
  • Variables
  • Equations
  • Patterns, functions and relations
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Shapes, area and volume

and so much more as you well know. So where does ExamTime fit in to this? Well we have users that are already using our tools to get ahead and we think you could use us in the same way. Check out this Algebra Quiz below that was created by a Regents student just like you.


Math Regents Test

Integrated Algebra

In this section there are two types of questions you will be asked. Multiple choice and whats called constructed response. This means you must come up with the answer yourself. One of the best ways to prepare for this part of the Mathematic Regents exam is to practice every day. This can be done by creating sample questions from the previous years and trying them over and over again. Do this by using the ExamTime Quiz Making Tool like so many other Regents students have done. There are some sample questions later in this page for you to try.

[quiz href=”″ info=”Quiz”]Integrated Algebra Regents Review Questions [/quiz] [quiz href=”″ info=”Quiz”]Integrated Algebra Sample Questions [/quiz]



The Geometry Regents exam is split into four parts with a total of 38 questions asked of students. All of the questions in each of the four parts must be answered. Are you ready to ace your Geometry Regents? Some of the areas you will have to cover include:

  • Geometric Relationships
  • Constructions
  • Locus
  • Informal and Formal Proof
  • Transformational Geometry
  • Coordinate Geometry

If any of that sounds familiar or interesting to you then keep reading because we have a wealth of resources available to you for your Regents prep in this area.

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Maths Regents Exam
Mathematics Regents

Algebra 2 & Trigonometry

Last but not least, Algebra 2 and Trig. You thought when you finished Algebra earlier that was it right? Nope! There are some more equations and variables to tangle with. Along with that you will be covering:

  • Operations
  • Patterns
  • Statistics
  • Measurement
  • Trigonometric Functions

and of course more.

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Remember that you can use LaTex symbols with ExamTime when creating any of your Math resources.


Sample Resources

Throughout this page we have given you some examples of the work other students like you have created using ExamTime, well here are some more. When you are done with those, why not join them, and us, and start creating great Regents resources of your own.

[quiz href=”″ info=”Quiz”]Integrated Algebra Questions [/quiz] [quiz href=”″ info=”Quiz”]Geometry Regents Review – Basic Info Flashcards [/quiz] [note href=”″ info=”Note”]Geometry Regents – Theorem Review Notes [/note] [note href=”″ info=”Note”]Geometry Regents Formulas [/note] [flashcard href=”″ info=”Flashcard”]Trigonometry Functions [/flashcard]
Regents Math

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