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Social Studies Regents

In order to graduate, students must have 4 units of credit in Social Studies Regents, easy right? You may not think so but it is possible. You have a ton of support in the way of teachers, classmates, study notes and now this, the ExamTime Social Studies Regents portal. Here you can find material on areas of the exam already taken by other Regents students. We will introduce you to some of the tools that will help you to get an upper hand on the exam prep period and more.

ExamTime already has over 1.000,000 resources created online and some of those include not just Social Regents but Math, English and Science too. Its not all about taking material from other students though, actively engaging in creating your own notes online too will help you to really get the grades you want.

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Social Studies Regents
Social Studies Regents

Social Studies Subject Overview

As you know by now, there are four main areas you will need to become familiar with if you are going to pass the Social Studies Regents exam. Those areas are:

  • Global History and Geography
  • United States History and Government

Each area contains an even greater detail of topics and that is where using ExamTime tools is going to help. In order to keep on top of your Regents study notes, you are going to need a pretty good system. We have Digital Notes, Mind Maps, Flashcards and more to help you with that. Keep scrolling through this page to see how we can help you.

Global History and Geography

The Global History and Geography section has a substantial amount of material to get familiar with. Just a handful of these include:

  • Belief Systems
  • Imperialism
  • Interdependence
  • Conflict
  • Justice & Law
  • Golden Ages
  • Movement of People & Goods
  • Economic Systems
  • Human & Physical Geography
  • Human Rights

A great example of how one of our users used Mind Maps to get her head around Global History can be seen below. She laid out each of the topics and provided herself with an overview of what she needed to cover. If you missed it, have a look at the Regents Mind Map page for a full list of the tools benefits.

[mindmap href=”″” info=”Mind Map”]Global History Regents Topics[/mindmap] Sign Up Now To Get Started
Global History Regents
Regents Tools

US History and Government

As with the Global History and Geography section, US History and Government is just as heavy on material. For this section, students are expected to cover the following areas:

  • Government
  • Citizenship & Civic Values
  • Constitutional Principles
  • Culture & Intellectual Life
  • Individuals, Groups & Institutions
  • Interdependence
  • Economic Systems
  • Reform Movements
  • Presidential Actions & Decisions
  • Foreign Policy

We have named but a few of those topics here. There are plenty more and students should have access to each of those titles. Once again, in a bid to detail and outline their study notes, a user in the example below has used the ExamTime Note tool to highlight key facts in the ‘Early Africa’ section of the Global History subject. Have a look at it, get familiar with how the tool can work for you and then why not sign up and try creating your own.

[note href=”″” info=”Note”]Global History Regents Review Notes – Early Africa[/note]

Sample Resources

[quiz href=”″” info=”Quiz”]Global History Regents Practice Questions[/quiz] [flashcard href=”″” info=”Flashcard”]Global History Regents Religion/Belief Systems[/flashcard] [note href=”″” info=”Note”]Global History Regents Review Notes (Scientific Revolution)[/note] [note href=”″” info=”Note”]Global History Regents Review Notes (Europe)[/note]

Do you want to start creating some of your very own notes just like these? You can in a matter of minutes.

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