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Fill the blank spaces to complete the text.

How I met my best friend by S. C. Sullivan

We 1. (be) in the same club together, and we 2. (be) acquaintances but nothing extreme. Our club 3. (go) to an amusement park at the end of the semester and we 4. (sit) sat next to each other on a rollercoaster. He couldn't find the correct ends for his seatbelt. We both 5. (start) to mention that scene from Jurassic Park (where they're in the helicopter landing at the Park and Grant can't get his seatbelt on right). We laughed and laughed. And then the next year he 6. ( become) an RA and 7. (be) on the same floor as me so that 7. ( help), too

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Place the verb in the brackets in the Past simple tense. You will have to get all answers right to get a score. Sorry but the application doesn't let me set it up in another way.

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Serena Farr
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