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Fill the blank spaces to complete the text.

It was 6th grade and we 1. (stand) in line for picture day. I 2. (turn) around to ask the girl behind me if she 3. (have) a brush. I 4. (see) this Asian girl with glasses wearing a shirt that said "Future President" and because I was already a sarcastic asshole at that age I 5. (smile) and said, "..Nice shirt." I expected an enthusiastic, "Thanks!" but instead I got a very dry and completely hilarious, "Yeah.... I 5. (not know) it was picture day." In that moment I 6. (know) I had found a winner.
The best part? My to-this-day best friend and I have a picture in our middle school yearbook of the day we 7. (meet) and 8. (become) friends. And you can even read the "Future President" text on her shirt.

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Write the verb in brackets in the past simple or past continuous.

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Serena Farr
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