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SAT Math

So you’re due to sit SAT Math, time you got an overview of how its going to play out. The test is 70 minutes long with two 25 minute sections and one 20 minute section. There are 54 questions in total with 44 of them being multiple choice and 10 response questions. The test covers basic math skills that are typical for a student at the end of a junior year so its time to get familiar.

GoConqr is perfect for preparing for SAT Math. Already there is plenty of sample material available covering fractions, square roots, equations, triangles and more. Try them out in our section below and then create some tests of your own.

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SAT Math
SAT Statistics Revision

SAT Math Subject Overview

The questions on your maths paper will be based on a variety of topics which can be grouped into the following areas:

  • Number and operations
  • Algebra and functions
  • Geometry and measurement
  • Data analysis, statistics, and probability

SAT Mind Maps are a great way to gain an even more detailed overview of these sections, try creating one today and breaking down each part that you must study then use the Quiz Maker to test your knowledge.

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Numbers & Operations

In numbers and operations you will be required to answer 11-13 questions. These questions will cover just some of the following:

  • properties of integers
  • number lines
  • squares and square roots
  • fractions and rational numbers
  • prime numbers
  • sets
  • and logical reasoning

Have a look at how one user used the SAT Quiz tool to create some Math sample questions:

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SAT Maths
SAT Math Test

Algebra & Functions

Algebra is usually one of the first topics that will be covered in Math as it provides the foundation of understanding for almost all of the other areas you will work on. The main areas you need to practice are:

  • operations on algebraic expressions
  • factoring
  • exponents
  • solving equations
  • absolute value

And much much more, Mind Maps provide the perfect overview of each of these sections and each node can go into more detail on what is required in the test. Why not plot out a Mind Map for Algebra now?

Geometry & Measurement

There is much more to Geometry than simply using a compass and you will need to get used to that. Here’s what you need to know for your exam. There are 14-16 questions and in those students must cover:

  • geometric notation
  • points and lines
  • angles in the plane
  • triangles
  • areas and perimeters
  • coordinate geometry
  • transformations and much more
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SAT Math Algebra

Data Analysis, Statistics, & Probability

In this section students have the least amount of questions, just 6-7.  Some of the areas you will be required to understand are as follows:

  • data interpretation
  • statistics
  • elementary probability
  • geometric probability

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Math Study Advice

1. Create a Revision Plan

Organising your SAT Prep routine with a study planner has a number of great benefits. It can boost your motivation, help manage your workload, inject some confidence and reduce stress in the run up to the test. 

2. Focus on your Weak Points

If you prefer to solve equations rather than working with statistics, then that means statistics needs your attention. Building a study planner will help you divide your time up in the best way possible so you don’t end up avoiding the topics you hate. Tackle those problem topics with ExamTime today.

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And Finally...

3. Test Yourself Regularly

Reviewing your knowledge as often as possible is the only way to really know if what you are learning is sticking or not. Why not try using  SAT Flashcards and Quizzes to quickly check to see where you are on the Math syllabus. Test yourself with the Quiz tool, use Flashcards to test theorems and share them with your classmates.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

With SAT Maths the best way to prepare for your exam is to practice as many sample papers and questions as you can. If you have access to a large archive of material from previous years, why not upload that material on the ExamTime Quiz tool. By doing this you will be testing yourself and helping other SAT users on ExamTime.

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