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Access free online Mind Maps to help you plan business projects more effectively and make your business goals a reality.

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With GoConqr, you can use Mind Maps for Business to outline the key points of your business strategy, brainstorm ideas or problem solve in a more visually compelling way.

This allows you to clearly plot, organize and emphasize important project tasks, concepts and business objectives – as well as how they relate to one another – in one easy-to-follow resource. Help your colleagues visualize processes using logical steps, figures, and connections. An indispensable tool for both team meetings at work and to structure your thoughts individually.

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Starting a Business


Business Culture


Improving Time Management


Business made easy

Success can be a complicated business. We’re here to help keep it simple.

Use GoConqr to quickly and easily put together awesome Mind Maps for Business that clearly outline your overall goals and the steps you’ll need to take to achieve them.

And since a Mind Map is an ever-evolving, living document, you can continue to work on it as your projects develop over time – or share it with colleagues so that they can review, analyze and add to it with input and insights of their own.

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GoConqr is a cloud-based learning platform, which means that you can easily access your Mind Maps for Business from any desktop or mobile device with a web connection. So whether you’re at home, in the office or traveling on business, your work goes wherever you go.