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Wishes for the New Year from IES La Puebla de Alfinden
12pm on New Year's eve.. I feel excited wanting to leave this year. Health, love and happiness for all my family. I only intend to love myself as I am. Ángela Martín Year 4
Guillermo Franco Year 1
My wish for 2021 is that we could have a normal year and we could see everybody's smiling faces. Mar Navarro Year 1
The best way to wish someone something is to dream it. Dream of a new year of happiness, smiles and luck. Never stop dreaming. Sancho García Year 4
My wish is that we can travel again and see our families more often. Jara Enfedaque Year 1
Let's all turn on our batteries to defeat coronavirus. I also wish everyone can have a plate to eat and a house to live in. Nahia Navas Year 1
I've got two wishes: - try harder to achieve my dreams and overcome my greatest fears - save the lives of street animals like my mother used to do when she was little Beatriz Dobondi Year 1
I wish I had a kitten. A kitten would make me happy as a friend in need is a friend indeed. However a kitten could be naughty like a pooty. Julio Bolsa Year 1
I wish we could meet families and friends together without being afraid of anything. Izarbe Bolsa Year 1
I wish no animal will be sacrificed, abandoned or mistreated again. I ask for their love and trust, for the life they deserve. Lucía Sánchez Year 1
I wish the coronavirus does not take anyone from my family So we can stay healthy and live happily I wish that scientists find soon the vaccine So for the next year we can have the Christmas we had foreseen I wish I can have more spare time So I can be able to see the sun ever shine I wish I can have more self-esteem So I can be able to fulfill all my dreams Julia Cano Year 4
In this 2021 my wish is to have a vaccine for everyone and the end all of this ... I don't like lockdown I want to meet my cousin, my uncle … and my aunt I want to travel everywhere without fear and withour a mask but I know that this procces cannot be too fast. Cristina Lamiel Year 1
For this new year I'll want to… Not get distracted easily To not say bad words Do no eat food so frequently And never look again backwards Mathias Perez Year 1
For this new year I want … Less exams and homework Don't fight with my sister all the time Do more bodywork And don't eat chocolate every time. Inés Matute Year 1
This new year I just want to Stay more with my friends Be more carreful with our health And study until the end. Javier Peralta Year 1
Return to taekwondo competitions is my addition Laura Marzo Year 2
Last year was disgusting But next it´s amazing Last always at home Next travelling to Rome Daniel Pérez Year 2
A new year start, A new great year, We will have. Christian Torres Year 2
This year I want: Betters marks at school and Improve my homework. Speak less and pay more attention to explanations. Be more independent and also health for all my family. Julia Villarino Year 1
I wish that next year all of us are vaccinating and with this a very big party we can be celebrating Andrés Arruebo Year 3
On the last night of December when the moon is up I wish for a traditional New Year to begin. With fireworks on the air. And confetti and champagne prepare. Carla Toscano Year 3
2020 showed us darkness and how to survive it. If 2021 shows us the same, we’ll know how to survive it and to smile at it. “We see light in our inner darkness”. Kadi Diallo Year 3
I hope next year, Exams get easier. Because if not, My happiness will disappear Daniel Marquina Year 3
Ana , a sanitary. Waiting for the bells that announce the end of the 2020 to arrive . She has very mixed feelings : sadness , illusion … They announce the new year and… no hugs or kisses. Just hope Lucía Monreal Year 3
This year has been a mess But New year is in progress And I don’t know how to express My happiness Mara López Year 3
I wish for the next year just to stop the deaths erase the tears and see what's next Nuria Portolés Year 3
What should I say in this rhyme, it sure has been said a thousand times. Anyway, happy new year everyone, we are starting 2021. Óscar Sáez Year 3
There will not be noise in class, less homework, easier exams. More space for the playground, to leave pandemia to the background. Iker Gómez Year 1
This year I wish: That the coronavirus leaves. Funny activities to practice and more new friends to come. Good marks at school and feel the moment full Sara Reina Year 1
A glimpse of kindness, the world with no selfishness, get to know myself, without any help Aitana Gil Year 4
I wish for a better year I don't want anymore tears. I like to have fun in class And also all my exams pass. When this storm finishes I will spend all my kisses. Hugo Romero Year 1
My wishes for 2021: I hope that the covid earthquake becomes a quiet lake. And about me: I want to organize the exams and for that reason I will get better marks. Daniela Onrubia Year 1
That this pandemic ends. And meet new friends. Eat healthier food. Don´t speak so much in the classes. And don’t have to wear glasses. David González Year 1
I wish you a new happy and safe year. Without fear. I wish you come back to normal life and day. At least before May. Irene Gascón Year 1
Covid 19 arrived as a tsunami. It was bad and dangerous. I want Covid to go. I want people are happy again. Darío Teixidó Year 1
I wish to be with friends next year. I wish to play in the playground. I wish school trips with classmates next year. Adrián Ortin Year 1
2020 was a dirty year with masks, sanitiser and lockdown. I want 2021 to be cleaner, I want normal life in my town. I don't want to be afraid for being with my friends, Kissing my grandma I want to do again. In an outside lunch being more than six. I want to run without masks, having a best breath. All I want for 2020 is this. So beware from COVID to fulfill my wish! Sandra Guillo Year 1
My wish for the next year when this bad one ends is to be able to hug our grandparents without fear and see their faces again Alba Solanas Year 3
I hope this year we have good luck. I wish we could have our past lives back, and we can meet all together, without an uncomfortable mask. Noa Peralta Year 3
When the new year comes a new chapter starts all the problems are solved and no one is hurt. Sofía Martínez Year 3
The book is finishing, the other began with a good ending the year starts. Sara El Ghoufairi Year 4
We left this year behind, a better one will arrive, a year of health and thrive, and everyone will smile. Irene Leal Year 3
This year has been like a messy room of a child, so let's pick it up for next year and play in it again. Iván Artigas Year 4
When the New Year starts, people start a new stage. This year is a dead end and the new is a train back to happiness. I wish everyone a good year! Sheila Novellón Year 4
First day of the New Year Shine like an star my dear It’s time to forget your past And keep all moments you laughed Silvia González, Year 4
This horrible year is leaving. A New year is approaching. Pushy people start to be more humble, And that will solve the troubles. Mario Sebastian Year 4
As time passes, new opportunities appear to the withered flowers that couldn´t flourish before, new periods of self love. Ángela Enfedaque Year 4
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