Reported Speech Part III: Reporting Verbs Público

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This is the third and last part of a three-part course on reported speech. It can be used independently or together with one or all other parts of the course.

Información del Módulo

Our course begins with a Mind Map that provides an overview of other reporting verbs we can use when transforming statements and questions from direct speech into reported speech. This mind map also illustrates the structures that these verbs must follow.

Mapa Mental

This is a Mind Map that illustrates what other reporting verbs we can use apart from Say and Tell and the grammar structures they follow as well as some examples.
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Next we move on to a set of slides that explains how certain reporting verbs are used and the structures they follow.

Conjunto de Diapositivas

This is a set of 6 slides that explains how to use different reporting verbs and the structures they follow.
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As a follow up to module two, we present a set of flashcards to practice what you have learned so far. With these flashcards you can start turning direct speech questions, statements, orders and suggestions into reported speech.

Conjunto de Fichas

This is a set of 36 flashcards to practice transforming questions, orders, suggestions and statements into reported speech.
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In this last module we present a quiz for you to test and review what you have learned throughout this course.


This is a quiz to review different reporting verbs and their structures in reported speech statements. There are explanations for the rules and correct answers for each question.
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