Industrial Maintenance Third Edition: Ch.2

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Workplace Safety

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The NEC is updated every ___ years Three
___ manages United States participation in international standards activities. ANSI
Fuel. ___, and oxygen are required to sustain a fire. Heat
A(n) ___ is a rule made mandatory by a federal, state, or local government. Regulation
___ is the use of locks, chains, or other physical restraints to positively prevent the operation of specific equipment. Lockouts
an open top space, such as a ditch, more then ___'in depth is a confined space. 4
Air normally contains ___% oxygen. 21
In any emergency, the proper authorities must me notified immediately by calling ___. 911
A(n) ___ is a substance that could cause injury to individual or damage to the environment. Hazardous material
A ___hazard is the degree of susceptibility of materials to explode or release energy by themselves or by exposure to certain conditions or substances. Reactivity
An air contaminant is an undesirable element in the air such as ___. Dust, Gas, Fumes
A fume is a ___ from volatilized solids in cool air. Vapor
A(n) ___ hazard is a bacterium, virus, fungus, or other microorganism that can cause acute and chronic infections by entering thee body directly or through breaks in skin. Biological
___ is emergency care or treatment given to an injured or ill individual before medical assistance is available First Aid
T or F A standard is a collection of voluntary rules developed through consensus and related to a particular trade, industry, or enviroment True
T or F A technical society is an organization that represents the producers of specific products. False
T or F Class D fires involve certain combustibles metals. True
T or F Gas contaminants in the air are typically measured in parts per million (PPM) True
A(n) ___ hazard is a hazard caused by excessive levels of noise, vibration, illumination, temperature, or radiation Physical
Personal ___ equipment is clothing and/or equipment worn by a worker to reduce the possibility of an injury. Protective
A(n) ___ is a device worn over the ears to reduce the level of noise reaching the eardrum. Earplug
___ means inflammation of the liver hepatitis
A material ___ sheet is a document containing hazard information about a certain chemical Data
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