Pro-natalist policy for France (code de la famille)

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flashcards designed to help year 11 students facing difficulties in revising the pro natalist, code de la famille policy.

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Pro Natalist Policy A policy which aims to encourage more births through the use of incentives.
“Code de la famille” methods •Offering cash incentives to mothers who stayed at home for children. •Subsidising holidays. •Banning the sale of contraceptives (repealed in 1967).
Decline in fertility and increase in life length's 3 concerns: •A decrease in the supply of labour. •The socioeconomic implications of population ageing. •The long term prospect of population decline and demise.
3 incentives offered in the “Code de la famille” •Payment of up to £1064 to couples having their third child. •Generous maternity grants. •Family allowances to increase the purchasing power of three child families.
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