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Catering Establishments They serve FOOD and DRINK Examples include: Restaurants & School Canteens
Commercial and Non-Commercial Catering Establishments Commercial sell FOOD and DRINK to make a profit for example a restaurant Non-Commercial don't need to make a profit for example a prison cafeteria
Residential and Non-Residential Catering Establishments Residential provide ACCOMMODATION as well as serving FOOD and DRINK for example a hotel Non-Residential DON'T provide ACCOMMODATION for example a restaurant
Contract Catering Provides food and drink at places where its not usually provided e.g birthday parties The food provided depends on the event e.g fish and chips for a bingo hall at a village hall Can be hired for public events e.g burger van at music festival
Contract Catering 2 The caterers either cook the food beforehand or at the venue Advantages are: They organise the menu and food They serve and feed guests Clear up everything afterwards This means the customer can enjoy the event and not worry
Cafeteria Service Customers are served ready made food at a counter. Advantages: Don't need many staff Can serve a lot of customers quickly Disadvantages: Food has to be kept hot Customers have to queue
Fast-Food Service Food is being cooked all the time Customers order food at a counter and get there food straight away Advantages: Don't need skilled staff Can serve a lot of customers quickly Disadvantages: Limited menu choices Need a lot of specialist equipments such as fryers
Self-Service Customers serve food to themselves Advantages: Don't need a lot of staff Customers can take as much as they want Disadvantages: Hard to know how much food to provide.
Take-Away Service Customers order food at a counter and wait for it to be cooked then take their food somewhere else to eat Some can be delivered such as pizzas Advantages: Don't need space to seat customers Don't need staff to serve customers Disadvantages: Need specialist equipment such as pizza ovens May need to employ staff to deliver food
Waited Service This is when waiters an waitresses take customers orders and deliver their food Used in places such as Restaurants and Hotels Advantages: Can serve lots of people quickly Provides a personal service Disadvantages: Expensive to employ waiting staff Specialist Equipment needed for serving such as trolleys
Plate Service This is when the presentation of a meal is done by the chef The plates are then brought out to the customers by a waiter Advantages: Easy to control the size of each portion Presentation of each dish will be similar Disadvantages: Presenting the food uses up the chefs time
Gueridon Service The chef finishes the cooking or carving at the customers table This entertains the customer because they can watch the chef show off their skills Advantages: A good way to impress customers Disadvantages: Need a chef who can perform for customers
Buffet Service Each customer pays a fixed price and takes their food from a buffet table Waiters can be employed to serve drinks and refill dishes Advantages: Don't need a lot of staff Food can be both hot and cold Disadvantages: Need a lot of space to set out food Hard to work out portion sizes - can provide too much of one and too little of another
Carvery Service Often used for roast dinners Customer pays a fixed price to queue up and be served meat Can add vegetables, gravy and sauces separately Advantages: Don't need a lot of staff Each customer pays a fixed price Disadvantage: Need to employ staff to carve the joints of meat Customers have a limited choice
Vended Service Vending machines are found in places where customers may want food or drink any time of the day e.g hospitals Customers use coins or tokens to buy snacks, packaged meals and drinks Advantages: Its quick and easy to use Its hygienic - food is packaged and sealed Disadvantages: Need to employ staff to restock and maintain the machines Customers have a limited choice
Travel Service Food served during travel e.g planes 'In Flight' catering is a type of travel used on planes The food is cooked elsewhere, chilled and then transported to the plane The food is then reheated on the plane and served to customers Advantages: Customers with dietary requirements can pre order their food Disadvantages: Customers have a limited choice
Manager The manager is in charge of the whole company and is responsible for whether it makes a profit The manager needs to make sure each part of the company is working properly, so that its successful
Assistant Manager Larger companies may also employ an assistant manager The assistant manager will help the manager to do their job and they will take over from the manager if they're away
Head Chef Is the manager of the kitchen They have overall responsibility for making sure the food is good quality Also, they plan the menu and the costing They're also in charge of hiring and training the other chefs
Sous (or Second) Chef Sous Chef is assistant to the head chef They are in charge of the day to day running of the kitchen They help with the cooking and manage the other chefs to make sure that each dish is cooked to a high standard
Sauce Chef The sauce chef prepares the sauces, appetisers and stews They also sauté food if required The sauce chef is the most senior station chef
Larder Chef Larder chefs prepare cold foods, such as salads,pates,cold meats and buffet items.
Pastry Chef The Pastry Chef makes pastries, desserts and bread Sometimes the pastry chef is responsible for the dessert menu
Vegetable Chef The Vegetable chef prepares soups and dishes with vegetables or eggs The vegetable chef job is often split between different people e.g. they may have a different soup and vegetable chef
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