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Phrasal verbs are idiomatic expressions, combining verbs and prepositions to make new verbs whose meaning is often not obvious from the dictionary definitions of the individual words. They are widely used in both written and spoken English, and new ones are formed all the time as they are a flexible way of creating new terms

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fall out desavença, brigar, romper *visions of the future began to diverge and eventually we had a falling out. *She has fallen out with Sam again.
put away guardar algo, repor algo, pôr algo no lugar *Put the books away when you finish studying *She folded the towels and put them away.
think over refletir sobre algo *You'd better think it over before asking for the divorce *I’ll think it over and give you an answer next week.
cut down on economizar, reduzir a quantidade *We tried to cut down on the money we were spending on entertainment. *I’m trying to cut down on the amount of sugar I eat.
pass for / as se fazer passar *I really want to go and see the film, but I don't think I would pass for 18. *do you believe this will pass as an authentic Nike?
hang out socializar/sair ou conversar com pessoas *I was hanging out with my friends last night. *Where do they want to hang out?
work out trabalhar em algo, fazer exercícios *You should work out twice a week at the gym.
count on contar com (alguém ou algo) *You can count on me to keep your secret.
rule out desconsiderar, eliminar *It’s unlikely that he’ll run for president, but you can never rule anything out. *Since he had a sound alibi, the police ruled him out as a suspect.
come forward apresentar-se *Has the owner of the winning lotto ticket come forward? *No witnesses to the accident have come forward yet.
move out sair de casa *When are you moving out? We need your office for the new guy.
by chance por acaso *Nobody never ever told her. She figure it out by chance.
join in participar, envolver-se *Everyone can join in when I sing the National Anthem. *Yes David, you can join in the discussion any time you like.
burn out ficar exausto (do trabalho) *She needs to stay out of job a few weeks Otherwise she will burn out.
figure out entender algo ou alguém, encontrar resposta *Can you figure out how to open this? *I’ve never been able to figure her out.
break away To separate from a crowd *One of the wolves broke away from his pack.
end up acabar ficando, terminar ficando *I´m losing so much hair that I´m gonna end up bald!
apply for candidatar-se a algo (cargo, vaga, curso, etc) *He applied for a scholarship for next semester
allow for levar em consideração *We need to allow for unexpected charges along the way.
account for explicar algo, prestar conta de algo *Can she account for the missing money?
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