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English Expressions - Expressões em inglês

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More likely to Mais propenso a *People are more likely to notice headlines that match what they're searching for.
Over-the-counter medicamento sem receita *This could increase the availability of over-the-counter medicines.
on a daily basis diariamente, regularmente *I believe that showing them violence on a daily basis is not the best way to do so.
get right to the point ir direto ao assunto *We think this is a good amendment because it gets right to the point.
But rather mas sim *Restricting fundamental rights does not create more security, but rather more fear.
Ranging from X to Y Variando de X a Y *this drink is suposed to cause some diseases, ranging from diabetes to kidney disease.
Anyway you look at it De qualquer modo que você observe *Any way you look at it, soda is a true health disaster.
Not even close Nem de perto *They said it was good for you, but, believe me, its not even close
Somewhat Um tanto *this study is somewhat controversial
Is by far É, de longe *Emissions from air traffic are, by far, the greatest per kilometre travelled.
If you are going to give X a try Se você vai dar uma chance a X *if she is going to give you a try, I suggest you to buy some flowers.
All it takes is Tudo o que se precisa é *You know, madness is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.
As long as Contanto que *As long as you have a good source of fresh foods, you´ll be fine.
To settle an account acerto de contas *police says that killers may be a result of accounts been settled
Of their own de si próprios, deles mesmos *Brazilians do some grievances of their own
I am not that smart Não sou assim tão esperto *He is not that smart
it is all I got left É tudo o que me resta
I dare say Ouso dizer que
I have got to Eu tenho de *We´ve got to hold ourselves together
It took me three hours Me tomou / levei três horas
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