Screenplay Beats (Blake Snyder)

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Opening image The very first impression of what a movie is -- the type and scope of the film.
Set-up The first 10 pages of the script, where we introduce the hero, the stakes, and the goal of the story.
B story The story that begins on page 30, generally a love story -- it's the story that carries the theme.
Fun and games The section of the screenplay that provides the promise of the premise.
Bad guys close in The toughest part of the screenplay to craft, pages 55-75. It's the part where internal dissent, doubt, and jealousy begin to disintegrate the hero's team.
Break into Act 2 The part of the screenplay that begins on page 25. It's the moment where we leave the old world, the thesis statement, behind and proceed into a world that is the upside down version of that, its antithesis.
All is lost The point in the screenplay that occurs on page 75. It's the opposite of the midpoint in terms of an "up" or a "down." It's also the point of the script most often labeled "false defeat."
Debate This is a section of the script, between pages 12 and 25 where the hero says, "This is crazy. Should I go? Dare I go? Sure, it's dangerous out there, but what's my choice? Stay here?"
Finale Where we wrap everything up, apply the lessons, where the A story and B story end in triumph for our hero. It's the turning over of the old world and a creation of a new world.
Dark night of the soul The middle of a death moment where we see how the character experiences it. It can last five seconds or five minutes -- regardless, it's the darkness right before the dawn.
Theme stated The moment where a character articulates what the film is about -- the story's message.
Catalyst The event that triggers the active movement of the story. After this event, life will be different for the protagonist.
Midpoint An extreme up or down. Either everything is going right for the protagonist or everything is going wrong.
Break into Act 3 Inspired, the protagonist chooses to try again.
Final image The opposite of the opening image, showing visually the hero's growth or transformation.
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